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General information

Most of the AISPs provide two types of account linking approaches:

  • via API (usually requires PSD2 TPP license)

  • via AISPs web-ui

MockBank works with both.

Depending on the AISP you need to note the following information.

Bank name


Bank BIC


Bank branch code (BLZ)


Jump to AISP of you choice

Table of Contents

Connecting via finAPI

Step 1: search for MockBank using!/Banks/getAndSearchAllBanks

Step 2: import bank connection using!/Bank_Connections/importBankConnection


At this moment only embedded approach is implemented by finAPI, so only one MockBank will appear in search results.

Please refer to and for more information.

Connecting via


Pls insert info!

Connecting via Exthand

Pls insert info!

finleap connect

Please refer to document provided by finleap connect:

Connecting via Exthand

Please refer to the document created by Exthand: .

Connecting via DirectID

Coming soon.